Icy Lando Shares Summer Ready, RnB Anthem

It’s the story of hard work and perseverance coming together to achieve your goals..

The rapper, singer and producer (real name Victor Buyuka) grew up in one of the most dangerous areas of Nairobi, Kenya. His upbringing meant that the future artist grew up appreciating what most would take for granted.  Soon, he found himself lead vocalist in the Kenyan Boys Choir, where his love of music would soon take him around the world.

As the lead singer in the band, he found himself performing at the White House, for the inauguration of Barack Obama. They then signed to Universal Music, where they performed with the likes of Nelly Furtado and Selena Gomez.

Since then, Icy has grown up and has began taking on a new, summer ready hip hop vibe. The latest track features Australian singer Sire, and it perfectly captures the vibe of his new direction.

“I want to take Kenyan Hip Hop Music to the next level globally and working with artists from all over the world is what will take Kenyan Music to the world. Sire and Mike Gonsolin are amazing producers that are helping me realize my goal”