Emma Philine – ‘HURRICANE’

Alt pop artist fuses dark R&B and hyperpop on resilient new EP

Known for her unique fusion of dark R&B and experimental pop, Emma Philine‘s latest project HURRICANE is a profound exploration of personal trauma and resilience.

The EP’s standout single, “GHOST OF MINE,” grapples with the haunting fear of losing the ability to love after suffering interpersonal trauma. This theme of shadow work permeates the entire record, reflecting Philine’s journey through her darkest fears and the eventual emergence of hope.

The creative process behind HURRICANE was nothing short of transformative. Scrapping an initial tracklist in late 2022, Philine started anew, collaborating with artists like Heather, Dennis Behrendt, Novalu, and Enyang. The result is a raw and powerful collection of songs that resonate deeply with themes of survival and self-discovery.

Visually, the EP’s artwork, designed with Dennis Behrendt and photographed by Anna Luisa Richter, perfectly captures the tumultuous emotional landscape Philine describes. Discussing the project, Emma describes: “I’ve dreamt of this hurricane many times. The vivid imagery has deeply imprinted itself in me. This EP is shadow work — my dark side, my fears, but also the prospect of an end to the dark times and a glimmer of light; hope and an unwavering will: the will to survive oneself.”

For fans of Banks, Arca, and Purity Ring, HURRICANE offers a compelling and immersive listening experience that showcases Emma Philine’s evolution as an artist and her unyielding spirit in the face of darkness. You can give it a spin below: