Proto-Lamborghini Crystal gets a reissue

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grippers nother onesers at slimer beach cover art

Grippers Nother Onesers was a name used before Lamborghini Crystal for one particular avenue towards damaged pop star hallucinations. Now Olde English Spelling Bee is re-issuing At Slimer Beach, a 2006 release from that elemental project. The label's been kind enough to let us preview an mp3 track of the remastered 12-track release, which they'll have on vinyl December 14.

Grippers Nother Onesers, “Overjuiced Suicidal Leather Cupid”


Recorded 2004 in the parking lot of the Jim Daytona Avenue 711 memorial. Dedicated to Richard Ramirez.

Grippers Nother Onesers is a channeling of teenage mutant glue sniffing psycho dreams, a prelude to the psychotic beach bum depression induced by junkfood and huffing siphoned gas out of the Oscar Meyer mobile.

“After Dark Cravings” starts out with a voice saying ''hello earthlings'' which is an alien mistaking a candy bar for the HIGHER LIFE FORM inhabitants of earth's soft analog air minimal lo-fi satanic ritual resinated at the bottom of a plastic bong. Ashes of the Charles Manson Family Band. A flash of memories of a Grateful Dead tape playing after you picked up a psycho hitchhiker. Jim Carrey self-consciousness about his new nose job at the Oscars, being a vessel for the voice of the omnipresent leviathan comprised of lost souls stranded naked on the shoulder of the fast lane.

''aside from the heavy richard ramirez zone I wanted the record to have the feeling of when you find a half empty bottle of anti-psychotics and just see the name of the owner and you wonder where that person is now'' – PTC

So please enjoy this space caker from the heaven's waiting room of custom S.R.O. song booth stars.

Also, enjoy a jump-cut video that incorporates pieces of different tracks off the release: