Joel Malka – Dead To The World

Swedish Joel Malka releases an introspective debut track ‘Dead To The World’
A music veteran, who spent the last few years working away from the limelight as a songwriter and producer, Joel Malka is Swedish native stepping out of the shadows of song writing to tell his own story with a debut track ‘Dead To The World’. Having worked with Tommy Brown (Ariana Grande, Black Eyed Peas, Macy Gray) Joel has developed a taste for eclectic cadences and mellow production.
Inspired by R&B singer Bryson Tiller’s journey to stardom, Joel realized that an introvert like himself can step away from speaking through others and succeed in an industry of big and loud personalities. ‘Dead To the World’ is Joel Malka’s reflection of his desire to escape the world and disappear. With bittersweet lyrics and roots in hip-hop and R&B, Joel Malka’s debut track ‘Dead To The World’ is soulful yet urban reminiscent to Frank Ocean.
Joel Malka says:
“This one is just me dealing with the remains of last night, in some sort of borderland between a hangover and an elevated afterglow. I actually wrote this song as an idea for Icona Pop when I got to work on some records for their project. But even when I write for others I try to keep it personal, so that day I guess I just wanted to hide somewhere with my eyes shut and be dead for a while. I ended up falling in love with the song myself so I just held on to it, really tight. Lyrically I’m balancing between a pretty bad place and something more amusing, after a rough night. Felt like my friends might need a little come-down-anthem to recover to.”