Lil Uzi Vert, "Rich Forever Leaked"

Post Author: Andre G

Mercurial Philly artist Lil Uzi Vert has had his creative differences with his label Atlantic Records. Last December, he tweeted that he “sold out,” and apparently wishes to create music that isn’t targeting the charts. At the time he was riding the wave of “XO Tour Llif3,” a song that he actually had to leak himself to turn into the ubiquitous hit it was last summer.
Recently, Uzi has been either involved or oblivious to one of the most unique social media stunts in recent memory. His account has posted a range of posts with strange captions, including one that says he left his Instagram login info on a “brothel wall.” The fact that the hack has been going on for over a day leads me to believe he’s orchestrating it, but either way, we at least have some new music from the circumstance.
The person running his account claimed they somehow got his SoundCloud password from his Instagram DMs and subsequently leaked a song called “Rich Forever Leaked” to his official SoundCloud page with a simple “hahahahahahahahhahahahaa!” explanation. The song showcases Uzi raging over an intense, apocalyptic soundscape. “They won’t play this on your FM” he rhymes passionately, channeling frequent collaborator G Herbo with his flow.
You can stream “Rich Forever Leaked” below and stay tuned to a resolution to his Instagram drama.