Living releases the single "Calyx"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Every once in awhile you will come across a type of sound that has not been heard of before, something that stands out and is different compared to the music being produced today. We would love to present you with the unique sound of Living, with Multi-instrumentalists Lucas de Almeida and James Dream (Etheric Felines, Flesh Prince), drummer Sturla Kverneng (Hvitmalt Gjerde) and bassist Nora Tårnesvik (Strange Hellos, Jon Olav Nilsen & Nordsjøen). 

The four-piece is from the west coast of Norway, in the city of Bergen where mixing producer Young Dreams (Njål, mixing producer) combined the inimitable works of art. Starting with their debut EP released on brilliance records in 2016, the group is currently prepping a release for the full-length album “Absolutely” due in 2018.  Living tells us a little bit about the single,

“Calyx is a blast from the past with new clothes. The main sample in the song has inhabited my computer for many years and suddenly one day it all just clicked. I’ve been wanting to make a song with a darker atmosphere for some time, and the song fits the bill perfectly. It’s my favorite song from the album and I’m very happy to share it”

Living releases the single “Calyx” sending us on a journey of enlightenment. Lucas De Almeida puts the musical bed together alone with his warm earthly vocals. The samples you hear create relaxing visualizations and truly brings the listeners something new. The baseline is created to calm anxious hearts. It’s a mixture of pop music and experimental indie rock that is peaceful. The magnetism from this track is wondrous