Max Wells, "FALL17"

Post Author: Andre G

Rising Austin rapper Max Wells set off 2018 with a bit of a flashback: a three-track project entitled “FALL17.” Produced entirely by Still Production, the triumvirate of tracks collectively showcase Wells’ introspection into what looked to be a challenging period of his life. On “I,” he explores a relationship faltering in part because. “Couldn’t help but be a little abrasive,” he rhymes, before later wondering “how we get our s*it like this?”
The crux of the project appears to be Wells’ self-examination of his self-doubts and struggle to maintain as an artist and a man. His exploration of his faults are a resounding quality of the project, separating him from the lot of artists who venture into self-loathing or romanticizing their dysfunction instead of reckoning with it.
The plush, trap&B soundscape carved by Still Production is ideal for Wells to emote and channel his angst via melodically intriguing runs such as those on the mysterious “BLUE,” featuring Forest. “FALL17” is a strong showcase and a cathartic exhibition of Max’ skills. We’ll be looking forward to seeing what the four seasons bring him this year – and what he makes of them.