Megan Nash & the Best Intentions – “Quiet”

Post Author: Aidan Grant

Canadian indie pop musician stretches and strains in video for latest single

Canadian singer-songwriter Megan Nash has a unique ability to portray honesty and authenticity throughout her music, which sits somewhere between pop and indie with a bit of Americana charm. Her new track “Quiet” marks the second single after a three year hiatus following the release of 2017 album Seeker via Acronym Records. 

In the years between releases, the enigmatic musician has stayed busy touring her native Canada, across the U.S., and further afield into Europe. Since the start of the pandemic, she’s been finding innovative ways to engage with her fans, and after plenty of deliberating, she’s starting to release new material again. In her own words, her new music is written “in the cracks of a foundation—in moments of reflection during years of whirlwind romance, gut wrenching heartbreak, reviving friendships, and life-saving dog love.”

On her new single “Quiet,” you can undoubtedly hear that emotion and reflection, which is juxtaposed with a light-hearted DIY style visual.

“What an unforgiving horizon Saskatchewan has,” Nash shared. “It can really draw out a goodbye. ‘Quiet’ was born out of heartbreak and I hope it serves as an anthem for the lonely, the one left behind. The lyrics are personal and heavy for me yet I want to dance when we play it on stage. It contains two truths: life is pain and life is a party.”

Check out the video for “Quiet” below.