Michi – “Catch A Feeling”

Post Author: Devin Bierman

Newly-minted Los Angeles pop artist Michi’s debut song “Catch a Feeling” is a blood-pumping pre-game to this year’s desperately-needed summer. Having cut her teeth as a singer and keyboardist in indie R&B juggernauts Private Island, Michi has teamed up with seasoned LA producer/engineer Jake Munk (HUNNY, TWINKIDS) to churn out soul-colored bops of her own.

“Catch a Feeling” is everything you could possibly want from a late-Spring pop track. It’s molded from elements of R&B, indie and dream pop, drives with a shuffling mid-tempo rhythm that sets the mood of your day-drinking adventures, and captures melodies that tease and please throughout its all-too-brief 3 minutes. Meanwhile, these upbeat qualities are comfortably subdued by Michi’s keyboards, which lend “Catch a Feeling” a dash of intimate warmth despite the track’s vibrant groove. Her silky yet powerful voice is front and center – ginger to the ears, like Men I Trust’s Emma Proulx, but with the soulful bravado of Amy Winehouse. Her delivery oscillates from soft, romantic crooning to quick-witted lines that twist and tangle with urgency. It’s difficult to figure out which melody is more infectious: the main a capella hook, or the dire professions in the chorus. While Michi proudly wears her influences on her sleeve, there’s also something so curiously new and refreshing about her personality and aesthetic in this debut track, and we just can’t cut loose from it.  

“Catch a Feeling” brings to mind the uncontrollable discovery of a love during springtime whose summertime fate is unknown. Michi introduces her stubborn, romantic mind and its determination to uncover where such discovery leads her. Likewise, we are excited to see what she has next for us after this excellent debut single. Folks, be on the lookout for Michi in 2019. Put her on your BBQ playlists, and tune in for her next big move. And listen to “Catch a Feeling” below.