Sohni Chambers is Sun Araw with gamelan improvisions

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Sohni Chambers, <i>Yaw-Mah-Ha</i>

Sun Araw has a side project that might've been overshadowed by his hectic schedule.

As Cameron Stallones gears up for two months of touring Australia, New Zealand and Europe, along with releasing an Australian exclusive c20, Major Grotto, a Woodsist vinyl EP, Off Duty, and announcing the pre-order for his Beach Head project, remastered and soon available on 180-gram vinyl – all under the Sun Araw moniker – we couldn't blame him for forgetting to tag his new side project when e-mailing us everything he's got going on.

Live Sun Araw collaborator and the man behind Queen Victoria, Nick Malkin and Cameron have a project called Sohni Chambers. To quote Cameron, “This is temple music for
temple people: live organ and drum improvisations with serious gamelan
envy. Our first tape, Sohni Chambers presents: Yaw-Mah-Ha is now
available from the venerable Goaty Tapes.”

The Sohni jam below is called “2:47pm” as all of the titles from Yaw-Mah-Ha are the time of each recording. Everything Sun Araw is up to, including tour dates and new records can be found at his website.

Sohni Chambers, “2:47pm”