Mr. Dibbs reunites with Dose and Jel

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Mr. Dibbs Dead World

Ever since Themselves released TheFREEhoudini mixtape last spring, the duo have been ciphering on memory lane. Continuing the collaboration streak with old friends, Themselves make an appearance on Mr. Dibbs' new record.

In the early '90s Mr. Dibbs formed a turntablist crew called 1200 Hobos, which consisted of Buck 65, Adeem, Sixtoo, DJ Abilities, Jel and Dose One. Most of the former crewmates have explored a plethora of styles and genre-melting, but Mr. Dibbs switches styles for no man. His format of buzzsaw metal riffs over brutal drum breaks has been a staple of his sound since his Turntable Hardcore tapes series.

“Knock Knock” features Dose flexing his slow-growl flow heard on “Back II Burn” off Crownsdown. It's tough to tell how Jel contributed, possibly collaborating on the drums, but the back cover of Dead World lists Jel as “molesting and fondling,” so infer as you please. Dead World features guest spots from Murs, Grayskul, Brother Ali and The Black Keys – most likely a sample, but could be a legit appearance given the Ohio proximity. It does not seem to be the Attack & Release reworkings he did for his free Inducing Panic EP.

Dead World is out now on Fresherthan.

Mr. Dibbs, “Knock Knock” Feat. Dose One and Jel