Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue, "On A Night Like This"

Photo Credit: Ally Lindsay

A veteran of several bands and projects over the years, Eric “Doc” Mendelsohn has recently found a literal groove working under his own moniker, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue. The neon-streaked, shimmering, and undeniable funky previous singles from the project have teased a vision that juxtaposes the sounds of good times with the themes of lovelorn confusion.
Now, Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue is gearing up to release a debut, self-titled EP out soon via YouTooCanWoo with lead single “On A Night Like This” bringing the sonic waves to gloriously gooey and groovy new heights.
“‘On A Night Like This’ is either about coming to terms with the fact the person you need, is not who you want….or it’s about over-promising,” shares Mendelsohn.
Stream Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue’s “On A Night Like This” below and be sure to follow the band here for more.