Polarcode, "Devices" (ft. Taylor John Williams)

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Following the success of their first collaboration “Cut You Loose,” Polarcode and “The Voice” Season 7 finalist Taylor John Williams have teamed up again, this time for noir pop track “Devices.” It’s a reflective track, complete with Polarcode’s pulsing synth and blended perfectly with Williams’ enticing vocals. Polarcode’s production is smooth and warming, pulling us in as the track progresses, as if experiencing a lucid dream. Williams continues to lead us along through poetic moments, like when he sings, “Beholden, to this, distance from blood and steel/But still I’m wide eyed and hungry for the taste of something real.”
The track is dark and entrancing, as Polarcode and Williams have proven themselves as something of a collaborating power duo.

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