Pulled Over By The Cops

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Pulled Over By The Cops

Albeit a lengthy moniker, it fits well for rap's newest supergroup
consisting of four MCs connected by the drug runner's turnpike I-80.
Pulled Over By The Cops is comprised of Chip Tha Ripper, Freddie Gibbs
and The Cool Kids with production handled by Blended Babies.

Freddie Gibbs' “Oil Money”
featuring Chip Tha Ripper, Chuck English and Bun B was our first
glimpse into the group, as Bun B is rumored to make appearances on the
POBTC release. The second look into the project is called “Authority”
and it's making heavy rounds on the blogosphere for good reason. Chuck
English kicks it off “Authority” with “now you know god-damn well that I
ain't did shit / my record's cleaner than your grandparent's house” and with those words the POBTC moniker is confirmed.

Pulled Over By The Cops, “Authority”