Rothstein ft. Supa Bwe, "Take Your Time"

Post Author: Andre G

Cambridge, Massachusetts MC Rothstein is working feverishly to make 2017 the year he kicks through the door and puts ten toes down in the hip-hop game. For years he built his career as an introspective, no nonsense lyricist, but sought to further explore his artistic potential during a period reflected on his pensive BART EP. Rothstein has recently decided to share another gem from that period, the effortlessly-smooth “Take Your Time” with Chicago’s Supa Bwe.

Over a soundbed of lush synths and sharp 808s, the two take turns (and occasionally coalesce their vocals) to wax on situationships that could be more if they weren’t so damn dysfunctional. Rothstein begins his verse by re-assuring the object of his affection, letting her know “you don’t have to see this silly planet through my lens.”
In case you thought his verse was going to end with a conventional resolution of pristine love, he then begins to call her out on her lying, letting her know that her disingenuous nature is such a schism in their relationship he would rather “gargle dip spit” or “live in Utah” then have her be the person tasked with his eulogy.
Supa Bwe follows up with a rosier testimony, seancing into a rapid-fire flow about his girl who’s “not run of the mill/she more one in a mil’.” So are Rothstein and Supa Bwe.
You can listen to “Take Your Time” below.