Gabriella Paiella

Freelancer Fashion: Gabriella Paiella

Gabriella Paiella actually isn’t a freelance writer. At least not right now. When she submitted this she totally was though. Since then, her and her impressive

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Freelancer Fashion: Ann Friedman

Ann Friedman does more than just write about politics, gender and culture from her Southern California home. Between reviewing Kim Gordon’s new memoir through an anti-Sandberg lens

Freelancer Fashion: Jamie Peck

Jamie Peck is a freelance writer living in Brooklyn. She was a former Impose contributor long before she added Vice, Jezebel, MTV Hive, Paper Magazine,

Freelancer Fashion: Monica Heisey

Writer and comedian Monica Heisey writes from her kitchen in Toronto, turning granules of personal experience with saccharine pop culture, beauty standards, and awkward situations into bittersweet episodes of salient cultural critique delivered with a dry