Sealings will caulk your inner ear drums

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Sealings not ceilings. From the UK. An ear shredding live, no doubt. Recorded in a giant tin can, the side of which lists ingredients: deathly monotone vocals, tinnitus-guaranteed guitar squalls, discount beats – not fit for actual human consumption but pretty nice on the ear.

Here are two samples. Neither are new. Both from the past year or so. Just found out about these guys from an email that started with “alright jeremy, a guy gave me this email address, i'm in a band called sealings in the uk.” I think “alright jeremy, ” is a great way to start an email to get my attention, at least the first time someone tries it.

From an older tape:

Sealings, “My Boyfriend's Dead”

And from their latest tape, brought to us by Clan Destine Records:

Sealings-Two Cups by Carl Clan D