Sorority Row, Dead By 27

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Sorority Row, Dead by 27

At some point last year, I was involved in a short-lived project called Sorority Row. Here, I'm giving away the material that came to be. Cop a feel.

I got in contact with Andrew Caddick, possibly better known as Jeans Wilder, almost two years ago. Wow, doesn't seem like that much time has passed since I started getting serious with Pink Priest and Bathetic Records was taking shape. Homeboy took part in one of the initial releases for Bathetic, a split with A Gal. Jeans Wilder is known for his bedroom/bathroom take on beach pop-gone-death rock. Heads are quick to chatter about his links to Wavves and Best Coast, seemingly before they give his music a listen. Yeah, it seems as if in the last few months, his music has perked up a bit; but there's no denying the utter despair in the likes of Antiques or his side of the split with Jen Paul. Shit's bleak. The dude has a shitload of new jams coming out all over the place, so type things into google and find them all. Do it.

We were mutual fans and became quick friends via this wild, wacky world of internet exchange. We decided to start a little project, something that would balance out our personal vibes, and be a way to bounce ideas of another, kindred spirit. Plans to release a tape fell through, but here's the outcome of our little cross-country recording sesh. It's all synced up nice and neat onto an A-Side and a B-Side, exactly how it would've appeared on aforementioned cassette. As far as the sounds, well, I have to say it truly is a balance of the aesthetics Pink Priest and Jeans Wilder had crafted on their own. It's dark, but not completely desolate. It's experimental, without reverting to shapeless blobs of sound.

Sorority Row, Dead By Twenty-Seven

So, that's that. Sorority Row at this point is dead, but recently Andrew and I conversed about starting something new up in the coming months… We'll see what pans out. T.G.I.F. motherfuckers.