Sugar Violets – “Palo Santo”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

San Diego shoegazers hit stratospheric heights on staticky new single

Sugar Violets is a dreamy new shoegaze trio from San Diego with a knack for uptempo reverby riffs and singer Lashaan Everett’s wondrously sweet croon. So far we’ve heard two songs from them: “215” and “Maybe.” Now they’ve dropped a fantastic, staticky new single called “Palo Santo,” a towering slice of noise-rock, and their best song to date.

“Palo Santo” opens on a layer of swelling guitar noise and pulsating percussion before launching into a full-on fuzzy whirlwind of bombastic melodies. The track goes hard for four minutes straight as the production strikes an equal balance between catchy and dissonant. Of course, Everett’s voice softly floats and echoes over all the rollicking soundscapes. Overall, it’s an intense, psychedelic and dreamy song that hits stratospheric heights, and it further cements Sugar Violets’ status as one of southern California’s most exciting up-and-coming noise acts. You can purchase “Palo Santo” HERE and listen to it below via Bandcamp.