The Thens, Lessons In Being Late

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Making music is fun, but even moreso when you have a close friend by your side. In the case of San Diego based surf rockers The Thens, the duo had the chance to experience creating with their pal. Consisting of singer/bassist Max Greenhalgh and drummer Ryan Mack, the two have been best friends since high school. Their California roots influence their writing style, as they approach each song with the goal to finish each song within the hour, resulting in a laid back quality, rich in nostalgia and drenched in sunshine.
On their debut full length, Lessons in Being Late, The Thens bring beachy, electrifying rock to a more carefree level. Opening track “Sure Not Growing Up” is punchy and confident, an anthem for anyone looking to run away from responsibility and reality– which is what we need every day lately, it feels like. Listening like Dreambeaches, Hellogoodbye, and Royal Blood, The Thens have a knack for prepping us with steady verses, pouncing into wild sprints of choruses. Twee-like vocal harmonies layer amongst choruses, adding an extra dose of sunshine to Greenhalgh and Mack’s dynamic.
It’s clear that The Thens pull from eclectic influences. Pop-like “Boys In The Van” sounds like the lovechild of The Kills and Dr. Dog. With velvety bass lines carrying us from track to track, the duo pull us through their minds, leaving nothing covered up. “Seasons Change” is pure head-banging fun, a celebratory response to the change of life.
The Thens sing of ex-girlfriend woes, becoming an adult, and also wanting to avoid adulting all together. Served best with a trip to the beach and a Slurpee, Lessons in Being Late is the perfect excuse to be late– we dare you to try to pause the California gold.
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