True Body – “Television”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Virginia new wave band drops poignant new single off forthcoming debut LP

True Body is a Virginia band that crafts a searing, wondrous blend of goth-pop and post-punk. Comprised of Isabel Moreno-Riaño (singer), Sam Ramos II (drums), Hector Castro (rhythm guitar), Camille Byrum (bass/synth) and Kevin Painter (lead guitar), their songs are consumed with infectious hooks, shimmering synths, and propulsive dueling guitars. Right now the band is gearing up to release its debut LP Heavenly Rhythms For The Uninitiated in April, and so far we’ve heard its mesmerizing lead single “Spirit City.” Today we’re thrilled to share their newest poignant and dreamy stunner “Television.”

The track opens on a series of bleary synth notes that give way to a wave of hazy guitar riffs, rattling baselines and Moreno-Riaño’s deep, haunting croon. It’s an effusive heart-on-your-sleeve track that parses the pain, beauty and catharsis of nostalgia through meditative ’80s new wave soundscapes.

“The song deals with echoes of the past which are reconfigured into dream states,” the band shared. “Images of ex-love, feelings of recognizable dependency and emotional catharsis stream through and around the narrator as she experiences her memories in an uncut, hallucinatory fashion. Sickening and beautiful, nostalgia can be just as painful as it is hypnotizing. Television flows freely between these states, leaving a bittersweet trail to the beautiful things you’re too afraid to remember.”

Overall, it’s a brooding, hypnotic swirl of new wave, goth, post-punk, and dream-pop. Heavenly Rhythms For The Uninitiated arrives on April 3 via Funeral Party. You can pre-order it HERE and give “Television” a spin below.