Two Cheers, Rollick

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Sometimes, you really have to trust your gut. In the case of Detroit based indie pop band Two Cheers, their formation was the result of taking a chance, and leaving the beaten path. The night before the band released their 2015 debut, Splendor, the band’s singer songwriter Bryan Akcasu decided to uproot the band from Los Angeles to a Detroit suburb, thereby skipping the band’s planned tour. But in Detroit, Two Cheers sticks out, juxtaposed against the city’s usual garage rock. Two Cheers spews heartfelt lyrics with 90s pop-esque riffs, the two elements blending together without a hitch.
The band’s latest, Rollick, was produced entirely by Akcasu. Joined by Owen Bickford, Carlton White, Austin Lutzke and Megan Marcoux, the ten tracks are bright and bring to mind diverse influences like The Cure, The Hush Sound, and Real Estate. Their brand of pop is more mellowed than most, but still holds the elements of synth sprinklings and velvety bass strong. Regarding the album, Akcasu added, “I wanted to make this record a kind of variety show, and test out a bunch of different styles, textures, and rhythms. A lot of the songs still started with jams, but there were five of us this time, so that added a new dimension to the songwriting process and helped introduce some new angles to our sound.”
While the tracks appear tough on the surface, riding on punchy guitars and driving drums, the five know how to slow down and look at where they’ve come in their journey. “Woodshed” shows the more sentimental side of the group, reflecting on past times and figuring out who the heck you are. It’s also a ballad of determination, as sings, “Sometimes, the hardest thing is to let yourself fill up with love… I will make you love me.” Two Cheers’ honesty and dire wish to be good is not only inspiring, but a breath of fresh air.

Rollick is out on July 14th, and you can preorder it here.