Marissa Paternoster is Noun

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Screaming Females front lady Marissa Paternoster proves her talents beyond her highly lauded band and music all together as her solo allows her to be a person, place and/or thing.

Noun was Paternoster's project long before she began shredding the system with Screaming Females. The five-year old project is dedicated more to studio mastery and low-key instrumentation, less to heavy riffage and compulsive shrieking.

Funny history to this story: There was once a time when no one wanted to play music with Paternoster. A lack of band mates never stopped nobody these day. The first Noun recordings were done entirely by Paternoster on her father's laptop. Her official debut as Noun features contributions on drum work from Angela Boylan of Cheeky, Miranda Taylor of Hunchback, Black Wine and Full of Fancy, Jarrett Doughtery of Screaming Females and basslines by King Mike of Screaming Females.

Noun's Holly Hell is out in June on Don Giovanni.

Noun, “Holly Hell”