Nap with Pigeons

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Pigeons' <i>Visions of the Valley</i> 7-inch

Here are some soft-lit pop tunes best used as instructional devices for explaining the exact dimensions of an orange-hued hazey sunset to a blind person who likes Spacemen 3 with his or her first responsible post-5:30pm cocktails.

Only problem with that scenario is the sun will be down and you'll both be on your second Manhattan Railcar Iced fancy drink at the rate these songs roll out. For those who like to denounce this current micro-period as a drought of down-tempo, anti-energy tracks, below you will find your exhibits A and B.

The Bronx-based Pigeons have an upcoming LP called Liasons [sic, indeed] and 7-inch called Visions of the Valley, both from Soft Abuse. First, from the 7-inch, a bucolic, tempered number:

Pigeons, “Sunset Park”

And then there's this sleepy time special from the LP:

Pigeons, “The Race”

Via these guys.