Sonny Smith's 100 Songs Volume 2: I Miss the Jams

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Sonny's 100 Songs Volume 2: I Miss the Jams

Last we heard, Sonny Smith was crushing the industry heads at the P4K music festival, and writing 200 different songs for 100 different 7-inch singles released by 100 fictional bands in ten song installments. Sonny Smith's 100 Songs, Volume 2: I Miss the Jams, has arrived.

Perhaps “fictional” isn't the right word for these bands, especially considering they include a “Wrecking Crew” of the San Francisco music scene, including Tim Cohen of the Fresh & Onlys, Ty Segall, Kelley Stoltz, and members of the Sandwitches.

The sound here is all over the place: “I Wanna Do It” by Earth Girl Helen Brown sounds like a libidinous Supremes outtake, while Hank Champion's “Broke Artist at the Turn of the Century” is thick with Harry Partch's gravelly Americana. “One Time Doomsday Trip to Nowhere” by Zig Speck & Specktones (featuring Ty Segall) is Buddy Holly meets The Kinks.

Volume 2 will be available in vinyl next month, but we won't complain if Vols 3-10 somehow fall into our laps.

Zig Speck & Specktones, “One Time Doomsday Trip to Nowhere”