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Getting started: A $3,000,000 actioner intro. Brian Eno “In Dark Trees”:


Jay Reatard “Hammer, I Miss You”

Peace to Jay Reatard! This song is one of my favorites. It's a great “party-starter”, not that I throw or enjoy throwing parties ever. I do like to play this song very late at night when I'm “hanging out” until other people tell me to stop playing it on repeat. Then I waste all the batteries on their MP3 player looking for a second song to play before I lay down on the floor. All of this only happened once.

Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud, “Do The James”

“Funky Drummer”/”Impeach The President” both used really simply and well. Both dudes have great voices, “Do the James” is a wild thing to say, spare chorus, guys going back and forth talking about why they're cool. All of these things make this song incredible. Also, “Girls I got em locked so similar to a prison.”

Excepter, “Kill People”

Great jam to play when there's mad people around and you want to freak them out. I like everything about this song and album (Debt Dept on Paw Tracks). Exepter is rad, amazing big live show, super weird and good. Planning on seeing them for the first time in years at Cake Shop October 21. That day is also my brother's birthday!

Domo Genesis, “Kickin It”

Odd Future's got some real dope shit. This is off the Rolling Papers album ya'll wrote about. This video also is BELLAMIZED, check it out.


Jai Paul, “BTSTU”

Neo-r&b wobble MPC XL vibes.

Koushik, “Nothing's the Same”

MBV boom-bap Stonesthrow vibes.

Timbaland, “Indian Flute” (feat. Magoo)

“I'm black with Indian my race should be mutt. Magoo vibes.”

Aap Jaisa Koi, “Qurbani Soundtrack (Playback: Nazia Hassan)”

Bollywood disco fusion vibes.

Asian Dub Foundation, “Scaling New Heights”

UK Asian commonwealth vibes.


Liberace, “Chopsticks”

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HE'S GOIN' IN. Went with my high school girlfriend and her Gay Best Friend to the Liberace museum in Las Vegas one time. Saw the world's largest rhinestone.

Gaye Bykers on Acid, “Nosedive Karma”

THEY'RE GOIN' IN. According to Wikipedia, this band's genre is classified as “Grebo.”

Yat-Kha, “Love Will Tear us Apart”

This Tuvan throat singer is GOIN' IN on this Joy Division cover. His cover album also includes a Motorhead cover and an amazing Kraftwerk cover which I would've linked to if it was on Youtube.

Bone Thugz N Harmony, “Home” (Feat. Phil Collins)

Our dude Taha WENT IN when he described Phil Collins in this video as “either the angel of death or a worldly parole officer.” WHY NOT BOTH?

Po' Boy, “Oil Trap”

Po' Boy is GOIN' IN.