SPiN Talk New EP My Hysteria, Drink Tall Glasses of Warm Milk

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Philly-based alt rock/power pop quartet SPiN released their much anticipated EP, My Hysteria, last month. A somber, three track power ballad work complete with intense electric guitar riffs, SPiN genre hops with their latest. My Hysteria is robust and intriguing, and every bit an EP you’ll want to check out.

The guys sat down to speak with us about the specific sounds we heard on the EP, and made us laugh with extra cheese.

If you could introduce yourself to our readers in any way, how would you do so?

Naked, drunk and handsome whilst skydiving over the white house.

How did you all meet each other? What’s the story behind the name?

Eric (Vocals/Guitar) and Jimmy (Keys/Vocals) went to High school together.  I think they may have taken each other to the prom.  Hank’s (Guitar) brother also attended high school with those 2 hooligans.  We later found Lou (drums) penniless and hitch hiking on a dirt road in Delaware.

What’s it like making music in a funeral home? (Yikes!)

It’s great because it prepares us for our gigs.  If no one responds to what we play, we’re kind of used to it.

You have been compared to incredible acts like Queen and Muse, which is insane. In fact, we heard several very distinct sounds in each song. (Like in “My Hysteria”, we hear a little Hawthorne Heights as well.) Who actually serves as the ultimate inspiration for your music?

I think all artists are inspired by everything they hear – even the stuff they don’t like to a degree. We’re really trying to create our own sound, but if people hear the influence of some of these amazing bands peaking out of our music –  we’re not mad about it.

Your new EP My Hysteria has been categorized as dark and eclectic. But the guitar in “Someone New” almost sounds like it’s a little bit Santana-influenced. It’s a bit of a tough subject matter, but it’s actually a really fun song. What was the writing process like on that one?

Santana…interesting.  Definitely hadn’t occurred to me, but I can see how you may hear that. Again – not mad.  😉

Writing process:   Boy meets girl.  Girl stabs boy in the heart.  Boy writes song and awaits lawsuit from girl to collect royalties she likely feels she’s owed.  

Yeah, the fun vibe you’re hearing is really about moving on and turning that frown upside down.  (Anyone for some more cheese?)

You guys have played in more than 600 shows across half the country. Any fun or interesting tour memories to share?

Who us?  Nope – we just play the show, have a tall glass of warm milk, and go directly to sleep.

However, we’ve learned from friends on tour that you don’t have to be a rich rock star to trash a hotel room or buy a scorpion in a local pet shop and terrorize bandmates and hotel guests with it. Anyone can do that.  Even in San Diego, we’re told.

What do you envision as the best environment to listen to the new EP in?

Driving to the beach, alone with headphones and a pop tart.  Wait…<turns to label rep>  “What’s the way people can listen that makes us the most money?”

Who is your favorite superhero, and why?

The Ladies Man and because he’s The Ladies Man.

Anything else you’d like to add? (Go wild!)

Yes.  As I’m sure you can tell if you’ve made it to this point in the interview, we’re super good at giving straight answers – so ask away on any of our socials! (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)

But seriously,  we really put our hearts and souls into all the music we make and hope it resonates with someone (or preferably a lot of someones).  Give it a SPiN and let us know what you think.  (There’s the cheese you ordered from above).

My Hysteria is available now.