Death Valley Girls – “Breakthrough”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

L.A. garage-psych marauders break free in crafty new video

Last month, Los Angeles garage-psych/glam-punks Death Valley Girls unleashed a furious cover of ’70s rockers Atomic Rooster’s rollicking track “Breakthrough,” while in the process paying tribute to West Memphis 3 survivor, counterculture icon and magickian Damien Echols.

“Breakthrough” was a pummeling and defiant take on the classic track about breaking free from mental prisons, and its video clip is crafted with explosive DIY visual aplomb: splattered color collages, ragtag homemade costumes and sets, clever editing, nifty graphic overlays. It’s another mind-melting, kaleidoscopic treat from Bonnie Bloomgarden & co. You can watch that Dylan Mars Greenberg-directed clip below.