Exclusive Premiere for Ghostel "Buckley Get Your Gun"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

“Buckley Get Your Gun,” sings Bryce Buckmaster of Ghostel, in a Calm and relaxed manner, while a horror film ready shriek occurs simultaneously. It’s a fun-house reminiscent moment, juxtaposing the joy against madness. From their latest track, the title bearing the same words as the mentioned lyrics, Ghostel also includes husband and wife team Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer. The three deliver brightly hued tracks, swinging in and out of rock and dream pop.

In “Buckley,” Ghostel fuses their talents together perfectly, blending raucous with celebratory pop. It’s no surprise that Ghostel cites their influences as “The Shangri-Las (60’s girl group stuff in general), The Jesus and Mary Chain The Sonics, TV on the Radio, Phil Spector, Yé-yé, garage, Dream Pop, old beat up Soul 45’s in the $1 bin.”Regarding the track, Ghostel added, “I can tell you that, as a starting point, Buckley was a real figure from our past and the song at least partially describes an experience he had albeit with some added color and tangential fibs thrown in for good measure.”