Greyhounds – “Left Turn”

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Austin funk-jazz trio unleashes dazzling organ-driven tune

September has finally arrived and with it some fresh musical gems to become addicted to. With cooler temperatures freeing listeners from the sweltering summer, there will be more moments indoors next to the record player. For fans eager for a delicious tune, look no further than to Austin’s Greyhounds. The eclectic organ trio is fueled entirely on genuine soul thanks to the prowess of Anthony Farrell, Andrew Trube and Zack Littlefield. Their latest single “Left Turn” – produced by The New Mastersounds’ Eddie Roberts – showcases their skill with continued aplomb throughout the scene.

The track itself was a quick yet sweet endeavor in the making. “It was a lot of fun to do a back to basics style session. We wrote the song in the studio, rehearsed it, and laid it down straight to tape. Organ, drums, and guitar [with] one vocal overdub. We are definitely fans of the less is more approach. When you confine yourself to eight tracks, it forces you to commit and be more creative within those limitations.” Mr. Ferrell could not be more right in this regard.

Funk breaks down the door right from the start. A steady and cautious beat carries through as listeners get into the track’s vocals. A soul-tinted vocal lead preaches to the eager listener. That ever-present organ pops up and livens the energy behind it all with little tid-bits of flourish. It is a deep dive into a fresh bit of exploration in funk-jazz for fans interested in broadening their depth. Each instrument has its due while holding true to the song’s quick journey. Although it is fairly short, Left Turn’s weight as a solid track is felt and heard for all listeners alike.