Jay-Z at PSU

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This show was Jay-Z's first in a series of college stadium shows. After emerging from the depths of his diamond-studded-bunker beneath the stage, Jay-Z paraded through a decade's worth of singles that kept the residents of Happy Valley on their toes and off their seats. It was unclear whether the audience response to “Can I get a….” was “WHAH-WHAH” rather than “FUCK YOU” because Walmart was the only hub for obtaining his new CD in the area, or because most of the audience was eight years old when the song was released, and thus only heard the radio edit.

The evening wrapped up with Mr. Carter removing his sunglasses and sharing his admiration for the audience by calling out people: “You in the Penn State shirt, I see you. And this girl in the yellow throwing the Roc Symbol in the air…” He justified his college tour as an opportunity to perform to a room where at least somebody's going to change the world.