Love thy neighbor and destroy thy ears in Pawtucket, RI

Post Author: Brian Butler

Machines with Magnets, the full service recording studio, performance, and art space in Pawtucket, RI hosted a slew of local talent in this past weekend in honor of the “Love Thy Neighbor” art show. The art show highlighted some of New England’s premiere tattoo artists including Nate Moretti, Jeff Pageau, and Colby Leonard.

The Network blessed the artwork by performing in the middle of the gallery, adorned in corpse makeup. Their singer repetitively noted that “the band had gotten lost en route to a summer-time halloween party.” It was a pretty brutal way to begin the evening.

They were followed by Idiot Vehicle. This trio played quick and hard, and clearly fetishized the thought of going deaf by feedback.

Nothing can prepair a person for the immense earth-shattering noise of The Body. When they had reached full momentum in their set, the building actually blew up. No one was harmed.