Test Patterns 2

With Screaming Females, DeathSet Reset, Fiasco and Sisters.

So we throw a show every month and say that impose.tv presents it (it’s still the same people pulling strings, you know), and we get free alcohol for those who come (open bar this time), we get good acts to perform (Screaming Females, Fiasco, Sisters this time), and also a DJ to throw a dance party afterwards (DeathSet with NinjaSonik and Spank Rock in tow, this time), but this is just number two. We are doing this next month, and the one after, until we are all dead.

Ah Don Pedro’s, what would we do without your musky ass basement. Where else would we sit down with Screaming Females for a video minute (direct quote from frontwoman Marissa Paternoster: “how the hell are you going to use any of this?”), and to finally catch their live act, which rings with the confidence of a veteran touring band and reverberates with a kettle-boil layer of feedback-driven psychedelia that’s less present on their recorded work. Also: Sisters are searching for sizable bread crumbs on the superhighway between Japanther and No Age and feeding this punk/pop thing that you can hear from my apartment three stops away on the G when they play at Don Pedro’s, and well, as Fiasco noted, “Um, yeah, thanks for playing this Impose show. We have records for sale, on… Impose Records.” So yes, we’ve seen Fiasco, more than couple of times, and it’s still a pleasure to watch Fiasco virgins getting laid over by 17-year old (and 18-year old) virtuosos for the first time.

Then the DeathSet/Ninjasonik/Spank Rock continuum poured in, got wasted, rapped, spun, dance-stumbled around, took their money, and we all went home.