Watch: KiD CuDi, “Day 'N' Nite”

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Before he got tasered for refusing a pair of Reeboks, Cudi popped out a new video.

This has been floating around for a minute but man, this song finally got the video it deserved. Ohio's new, great hope continues his search for mainstream gold with this video for his already old song, “Day 'N' Nite”. It's done by So Me, the same director who did Yeezy's awesome “Good Life” video. Really though, when was the last time you saw a video this good? If you have seen a video recently that trumps this one, please post it in the comments and enlighten me because I think this is the heatiest of heat right here. If you are new to this man, then take a look at A KiD Named CuDi, his 2008 mixtape and get yourself acquainted with a dude.

Also, check out his appearance in Kanye's almost equally amazing video for “Welcome to Heartbreak” and witness a star being birthed. I always assumed “Welcome to Heartbreak” was one of the last songs they would pick as the next single. I love the song (and album), but I would have put every cent of my $340k a year salary at on “Paranoid” getting the next video treatment.