Zombie Party at Death by Audio

Post Author: , Nate Dorr

Another summer roast! This time with the undead: morbidly painted faces, Alice Glass look-alikes and a few surgical masks and scrubs (worn to avoid infection and/or hasten physical decay by heat insulation) amidst the broiling two-room two-stage toaster that was Death By Audio's Friday the 13th Zombie Party. While herds of those hungry for human flesh left after Fiasco's 10pm attack, there were plenty of high school students feasting on Pterodactyl and Lion Share, and a steady crowd passed through the South Second Street and Kent Ave corner between Glasslands and the land of Buried Strangers: this was the weekend, and what used to be an area on the fringes of Williamsburg's night spots is increasingly trafficked by Friday and Saturday's youth.