J GRGRY, Gold Teeth + Glass Eyes

With the improbability that J GRGRY would ever be able to release a full length piece of music looming over the artist’s head every day, Gold Teeth + Glass Eyes comes as a piece of relief–albeit from a dark place. The self-released 9-track EP includes all of the elements of great, radio ready pop tracks: there’s heartbeat-esque synth on “Rare Poisons” and the gravity defying hook on opener “eBirds”.

However, when you get deeper into the lyrics, the EP becomes more of a confessional. The lyrics tell a story of being terrified of losing everything and needing someone to stand by your side “every step of the way.” For all of the album’s seemingly sunny pop tones there’s a lyric that described struggles both large scale and incredibly intimate. It’s a record that tells a story, and one you should listen to.

What was the first song/album you remember hearing? Who introduced it to you?
The first song I remember hearing was “Pets” by Porno For Pyros. My older sister’s super cool alternative friend played it for me and I thought I had died and gone to heaven.
Did that experience have any big influence on who you are as artists now?
That experience definitely had an influence on who I am as an artist now. I would never have gathered the confidence as a younger person to attempt singing in a band if it hadn’t heard Perry Ferrell’s twisted, beautiful, peculiar voice. It made me realize that being unique, even if it’s jagged on the surface, totally flies in Rock n’ Roll, and I fucking loved it!
When did you decide to pursue music? Was there an “a-ha” moment for you?
I decided to pursue music full time when I was fifteen and my band was recording at GBU Studios in Seattle. It’s where Modest Mouse and Sleater Kinney had recently been recording. I remember talking with the producer, Aaron Sprinkle, at the time and just being so interested in every word, every detail about anything even remotely close to songwriting and recording. I knew that if I was that interested in something, I should follow it as far as it would lead me.
Gold Teeth + Glass Eyes is full to the brim with dance tracks. Was this an intentional touch, or is that just the type of sound you’re attracted to?
I have always had an affinity for somber “dance” music like that of New Order, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics and so on, so yes that’s definitely a major influence on my writing.
How do you imagine people listening to Gold Teeth + Glass Eyes
I imagine people listening to GTGE on road trips. This record was such a journey for me going through and it has this sort of cinematic quality to it that when given a closer look shows there’s a lot underneath the surface. Traveling is always a reflective time for me so it would seem fitting to listen to this record in a setting good like that!
What serves as the ultimate inspiration for your work?
Inspiration comes at me like an avalanche daily, I really wouldn’t even know where to begin with that. Life is inspiring in so many ways!
What’s your favorite song to perform?
My favorite song of ours to perform live is probably “Floodlands.”
What would your advice be to people who are pursuing their own passions?
Passion is intense and exhausting and beautiful and exhilarating. Hold on tight and don’t let anyone else have the power to make you happy, only you can make yourself happy. Create what makes you happy and love it fully!
What’s up next for you guys?
We’re working on our Summer ’17 plans right now, and are getting ready to announce some really exciting shows! Along with that, we just found out the EP was just added to rotation on the world famous independent radio station KEXP, and is up for consideration at a few others.
GOLD TEETH + GLASS EYES is available now. Keep up with J GRGRY here.