JOHNNYSWIM, Georgica Pond

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Los Angeles soul/funk/pop duo JOHNNYSWIM is more than just a good looking couple. The husband/wife pairing of Amanda Sudano (vocals) and Abner Ramirez (vocals, guitar) is immensely multi-talented, and their ear for sound is on point. They released their new 14-track album Georgica Pond on Friday, and we got a little listen to it.

Past the slow, beautiful intro is the first track “Hummingbird”, which comes in with a little more gusto than we are prepared for. The guitar is beautiful – at times reminding us of Santana – and Ramirez’s voice is smooth in its crooning. “Summertime Romance” was composed with exactly that esthetic in mind, apparently, as its slow, gorgeous crawl reminds us of a lazy summer breeze. Then we roll into “Villains”, which feels more sinister with its quick composition.

“Touching Heaven” reminds us a bit of a 90’s ballad-meets-country track, which is a strange combination but we feel like you may understand once you witness it for yourself. “Georgica Pond” is a melancholic song, as its first lyrics are “one day when I’m gone, scatter my ashes on Georgica Pond,” and somehow Sudano’s cradling vocals usher you into the happiness that can be found in death. “Let It Matter” picks the tempo back up, an adventure song that has a slight Carrie Underwood feel to it.

“First Try” feels so much like a John Legend song – composition included – that we’re floored a bit. This is such a warm song, replete with luscious vocals and a positive disposition. “In My Arms” sounds as though it belongs in an animated movie, especially with the smattering of French lyrics. “Lonely Night In Georgia” features Vince Gill and what sounds to be a soul choir behind guitar that reminds us of some of our Clapton favorites. Thrown off by its name, “Drunks” isn’t about throwing a big party, but of creating an anthem that everyone can sing to. There is a bigger picture found in its lyrics, a bucket list anthem of sorts, and we are big fans of this track.

“Say Goodnight Instead” is a song we can all relate to, when we are trying to hold on to something that we aren’t sure will last. It’s the most gut-wrenching song on the album, so prep tissues. “Rescue You” follows suit in an emotional way, bringing to light the fact that each person needs to be in charge of their own emotions and life. You cannot rely on anyone else to rescue you, and that’s where the self love comes in. And this is the best way to really get those feelings out if you’re feeling the lyrics as well. They round out the album with a stellar cover of “Wicked Game”, and you’re left almost entirely breathless.

This album is, honestly, practically perfect in every way. If you want something you can really belt your heart out to in the car, don’t miss out on Georgica Pond.

Georgica Pond is available now.