Leather Girls, Leather Girls

Post Author: Anna Hinton

Leather Girls merged their musical super powers in 2015 in Austin, Texas. The band is composed of Erik Camacho (guitar and lead vocals), Mike Garrido (guitar and back-up vocals), Dillon Fernandez (drums) and Deborah White (bass and back-up vocals). Their anticipated self-titled album is out today. The collection is a perfect blend of old and new, with a hint of sixties with their strong bass rhythms and high energy vocals, mixed with new era guitar solos.

The first songs, “Drawing Lines”, “Arabian Daze”, and “She” may be throwbacks to the ages past, but the very next track, “Jeff,” will bring you right back to the present with its hint of rebellion and female vocal presence. The bass line is no longer a nod to the greats from mid-century, but rather a strong heartbeat of modern rock.

The album has musical flares from ages past that we’ve all known and loved, but it takes those traits and makes them relevant to current generations. The album is a reimagining of what great music was and transforms it into new.
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