Sean McVerry’s Hourglass Switchboard II Is a Masterpiece

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Sean McVerry is taking his claim as a Connecticut-raised, Brooklyn-based, locally sourced folk/indie pop songwriter and running with it. His newest EP – Hourglass Switchboard II – was just released, and we know for a fact you won’t want to miss this beautiful 16 minute, 22 second masterpiece.

Holy shit. Sean’s voice is so gorgeous. It’s quite the cross-genre mashup of voices, and we’re hearing influence/comparisons all over the board. Think Adam Levine-meets-Sam Hunt (with jazzy undertones)-meets-Gavin DeGraw. Not making too much sense? We don’t care. McVerry’s voice is a dream, and we’re just going to let you gush from here.

McVerry’s vocals float over the four track piece, a release he admits is meant to be listened to in one sitting. An aspect of note would be his standout use of percussion to drive the tracks, in turn making each one something that you can easily dance to. We consider his music akin to One Republic‘s, in that each song is a new adventure, the production value is insane, and McVerry undoubtedly has talent beyond his years.

“Strangers” is the first track, the percussion a layer of note with intense, strong piano floating through it all. “Tiger Lily” is perhaps the most unique piece – In part, I’m sure, why it is McVerry’s mother’s favorite track, but who am I to claim that? – changing tempo a couple of times to display varying melodies and boasting impressive instrumentals in each. The third track, “Motion Picture Films”, leads in with sound effects that bring it into an ethereal sound space. The last track, “Christina’s Ringtone”, has “hit single” written all over it.

Don’t trust us? Take a listen.

Hourglass Switchboard II is available now