The Other Words, Days Like Gold

Post Author: Emily Chu

Back in July, LA band The Other Words released an EP titled Days Like Gold. This alternative/indie/folk band is made up of Jenna Ryin (lead vocals and percussion), Aaron Crankshaw (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Choco Fretta (lead guitar and lap steel), Steve Meses (upright bass), Dave Sussman (percussion and drums), and Sam Light (harp/sax/lap steel). We had the chance to listen to the EP, and below are our gathered thoughts.

It starts off with a track that shares its name with the EP – “Days Like Gold”. The tune is super happy and uplifting, with a thoroughly folk and country sound that is the epitome the feel good American summertime jam. This optimistic track is catchy as they sing, “let’s treat theses days like gold.”

Next on the record is “What Love Can Do”. This track is full of beautiful flawless harmonies and an awesome harmonica part. This track takes you through a story and it’s lighthearted and fun. This one was definitely one of my favorites on the record. The vocals are just awesome.

“Is It Real” is the 3rd track on this EP, and it continues the perfect harmonies right from the very beginning, and I love it. This is the shortest track on the record at 2 minutes and 41 seconds. This is a mid tempo track that asks a very important question that we can all relate to: “oh honey what I’m feeling right now, feeling right now, is it real?”

The next song is “Off My Mind”. This speeds things up a little bit. It starts off simple, with just a voice and some strings before everything else joins in and we kick off in full gear. The melody of this song is captivating and the vocals are hypnotizing and just perfect. All of these songs are just so relatable, which is what makes them so great.

The final song on the EP is “Don’t Take Me For Granted”. This slows things way down. The rhythms in this song switch around, and it’s so cool. The song is gentle and emotional and person, as a stunning duet unfolds about love. This is another one of my favorites on this record. It’s just absolutely gorgeous and I’m obsessed.