BATYA, "What's My Name"

Post Author: Sophie Kemp

BATYA‘s new video feels like it comes from the past. Featuring the artist dressed in a long white gown, following a pair of hooded figures, the video for the song “What’s My Name” is mysterious. “This is a track about self-discovery,” she admits. “Being unsure of where you came from and where you’re going. I’ve been lost before and every time I hear or sing this song it brings me back to those moments of uncertainty. Most of us experience getting lost at different times of our lives. It’s a song that a 15 year old can turn on or an 80 year old and both relate to it in the same way. ”
As the video plays out we hear BATYA sing about the sense of being lost in a crowd, wondering what makes her any different from anyone else. It’s a sentiment that is haunting but familiar. Situated somewhere in between the dreamy folk rock of First Aid Kit and the electro-pop of Aurora, “What’s My Name” is a trance like ballad that can’t help but make you think.
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