Bishop Nehru, "Fade"

Post Author: Andre G

Upstate New York MC Bishop Nehru just dropped a visual for “Fade,” a song he released last August. The Hugo Jouxtel-directed cut follows in the same atmospheric steps as his previous visuals, except this time the scenery is of Saint-Mandé, a French commune. The video was made in partnership with La Blogotheque, a French music outlet that aims to film “rare and intimate sessions” with artists. They hit the mark with “Fade.”
The video begins with Bishop coming out of the woods rhyming on a pathway in the middle of the tall trees. As he rhymes acapella, he rues that he’s “still gonna end up getting’ played by the heartless” once he heads back into society. The visual is bereft of production, leaving it up to Bishop to captivate the listener—and luckily he’s equipped to. The song is a quintessential exhibit of the lyrical skill and intellect that has him on the radar of hip-hop heads from all over.