Beach Fossils, "Saint Ivy"

Post Author: Andre G

As the weather gets nicer – we think – there will be ample opportunity for New Yorkers to head out into the city and enjoy the locales showcased in the Joey Chriqui and Milah Libin-directed video for the Beach Fossils‘ “Saint Ivy.” The track is the first single from their upcoming Somersault album, and it may be a harbinger of a notable sonic shift.
Beach Fossils have grown a reputation as purveyors of a lo-fi dreampop aesthetic, but “Saint Ivy” is a downtempo showcase of pianos, strings, and optimistic flute stabs. The four minute single is a different offering from the group – but a very good one nonetheless.
The “Saint Ivy” visuals pay homage to New York artists, showcasing dancers performing throughout the city–and scenes of Merrie Cherrie, a Brooklyn-based drag queen. Of the video, the directors have said:
“In uncertain times, we turn to New York City as a reassuring look into the true diversity of this country. We set out to create a vision of NYC that demonstrates a more honest and nuanced understanding of what it means to live here. This video represents the less visible places and characters that exist in beautiful harmony both in this city, and in America.”
Beach Fossils implore fans and viewers to make donations – if they’re able – to the National Endowment of the Arts and Center for Arts Education NYC, two organization’s who’ve suffered under the Agent Orange administration. Somersault will be available June 2nd on Bayonet Records.