Cameo Brooks, "Divin' In"

Post Author: Andre G

Hull rapper Cameo Brooks is “Divin’ In” to the rap game. Luckily for him and his steadily growing fanbase, he has all the tools necessary to be a strong voice in the rap and grime scene. Brooks’ latest track, premiering today, is a rambunctious fusion of each genre’s elements, giving way for him to spit about figuratively diving into consciousness of what’s going on around him
Brooks’ words flow out endlessly over the track’s slappin’ drums, as he slams materialism, capitalism, and surmises that “every entity’s a purer form of energy.” He frames the track from the perspective of someone seeking to make sense of the world, not an all-knowing prophet like so many “socially conscious” MCs try to prevent themselves. That said, he’s resolute about who he is and doesn’t seem ready to bend to the will of society. It will be exciting to see the teenager flourish on his journey.