Count Vaseline, "Russia"

Post Author: Virginia Croft

Stefan Murphy’s musical endeavors have a rather interesting background. During his time in Berlin, Germany, Murphy was inspired to begin Count Vaseline, for which he is songwriter, musician, and producer. Feeling fueled to create, Murphy headed back to the states to record his first album, Yo No Soy Marinero. The album was honest and personal, reflecting on challenges within Murphy’s life, and his experience living in Berlin.
Now, Count Vaseline has found inspiration within Adam Curtis’ 2016 BBC documentary, HyperNormalisation, leading to single “Russia.” The accompanying music video is a juxtaposing view on 80’s Russia– fluidly sashaying between footage of Russian gymnasts and Russian troops. Produced by Gringo Star’s Peter Furgiuele, the track is punchy and coarse, filled with tension and a cathartic sense of resolve. The brashness of Count Vaseline can be heard all throughout his latest album, Cascade, which was heavily influenced by the status of current politics. Sometimes hard to swallow, it’s also necessary to face reality head on, and even better through the filter of music. 
Cascade is available now. Keep up with Count Vaseline here.