HAUS, "Don't Care Enough"

Post Author: Andre G

Sometimes the best way to properly absorb an issue is to see it explained from an outside perspective. That’s what the diverse, Tottenham-based electronic 5-piece HAUS set out to do with the video for “Don’t Care Enough,” an uptempo single from their SWYSEP project. This is the fourth single from the EP.
The Mat Halsall-directed visual for the project is a short film set in South Korea, following a group of US soldiers out on a night on the town – but not just any night. The film is set during the 2016 US election night, where Trump was victorious. The main character in the video celebrates Trump’s victory, but soon allows his celebration to veer into the foul territory that has become typical of the President’s most vitriolic supporters.
Halsall said that with the video, he aimed to “tell a very American story but set it in Korea.” He wanted to hint at the ramifications of Trump’s Presidency throughout the world, including on the border of a constantly fighting North and South Korea. The narrative is shot well, and lends the well-crafted “Don’t Care Enough” the cinematic visuals it deserves.
You can listen to SWYSEP here.