Hexa – "The Trees"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Carrie Gillespie Feller originally started Hexa as a solo project, the dark pop singer used a looping pedal to acquire all of the elements she needed for her music. In 2016 she released the four-song EP Bata Motel and was named one of the top releases of the year by NBC SoundDiego and San Diego City Beat. After the EP and the succession of the release, Feller recruited new members, Acacia Collins on drums, Erika Marie on the guitar/ keys and Megan Liscomb on the bass guitar. Keep up with Hexa and listen to previous work here.

Hexa presents us with the first single off their upcoming full-length album. “The Trees” is a visual and musical piece of masterwork, created by a group that is solemnly in tune with each others direction. The emotional evoking piano combined with heavy leads creates this type of aria opera for us. It’s a track that just keeps digging and crawling, creeping into your head. Feller’s vocals reveal tales and allegories, her voice really shapes this exclusive sound.