I Speak Machine – Shame

Post Author: Impose Automaton

I Speak Machine is made up of expert synthesizer player, and female vocalist Tara Busch, and filmmaker Maf Lewis. combined, they make menacing horror/sci-fi soundtracks for film. Thier inspiration comes from the wonderful cinema duo Ennio Morricone and Sergio Leone, Spaghetti Western makers. They have outlawed modern gear and have created a sound of the 1980s and have created a sci-fi pop score genre. “We only used 1985 period equipment,” says Benge. “And everything was mixed at my Memetune studios using only vintage mixers and effects units that would have been used in that time.” Early supporters of I Speak Machine also include soundtrack composer Clint Mansell (The WrestlerBlack Swan, Requiem For a Dream).  I Speak Machine, Lex Records and illustrator Tommy Lee Edwards are currently working together on new projects. I Speak Machine will be releasing a new LP “Zombies 1985” on September, 8th 2017, Check out their new single, “Shame” a sonic masterpiece that takes you into a trance while cruising into the past and future.