Ideomotor, “We Can’t Work”

Post Author: Andre G

Since 2013, Finnish-Swiss duo Ideomotor has been honing a unique synthpop aesthetic that wades between sentimental and grungy sonic waters. The duo, reaping the acclaim from their “Amplify” single, recently released the video for their “We Can’t Work.”

The dreamy track is exhibit A of the burgeoning Ideomotor aesthetic: synthpop that’s not particularly up tempo or moshable, but produces an intriguing sum of it’s parts. The infusion of evocative synths with acoustic instrumentation is the group’s calling card, firmly at play on “We Can’t Work.”

The inspirational energy of the track rubs off on the music video, which follows a weight lifter through the locker room and towards a dead lift. As he stares into the mirror, Kimmo Myllyviita sings, “if we can’t work, we can’t go on.” The video then verges towards the abstract as it seemingly follows his imagination into the desert.

The duo is working on an as-of-yet-unnamed debut work that will be released for the new year.