Latasha Alcindor ft. Radamiz, "Ol' BK Soul"

Post Author: Andre G

Latasha Alcindor defines “Ol’ BK Soul” as a “transitional” song on her Teen Nite At Empire project which is dedicated to “giving balance and space to male energy” within her “raw femme lens.” With so much strife between gender identities, it’s refreshing to see art focused on what the nexus of the masculine-feminine experience means to her. In the case of “Ol’ Bk Soul,” LA and Radamiz are adjoined as fellow New Yorkers – specifically Brooklynites.
The two rhyme over a minimalist track seemingly ripe for reflection and the two MCs do just that. LA intently recalls her relationship with Brooklyn, from carefree days as a youth to an adulthood where “poison for the pain” is a sometimes necessary refuge. Radamiz follows up with an energetic verse in which he culls through his experience which was “never mother Mary land in Baltimore” but instilled him with the confidence to “bet (his) whole payroll on faith and made it to stardom.”
The Kidz R Evil-directed video showcases the two MCs in their element, from vibin’ on the steps of the J train to late night meals at the Chinese spot. The visual does justice to the effort LA and Radamiz put in, as well as the Borough of Brooklyn.